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Q. Why was a fee of $10.00 added to my account? Cancellation did not take effect.

A. The fee is intended to cover costs associated with issuing and mailing of the cancellation notice to all required parties. 

Q. My policy has cancelled. Can I send a late payment?

A. Any payment to reinstate cancellation for non-payment must be received by your agent prior to the effective date of cancellation.

Q. A sale is pending on our property, but I have a payment due. Do I have to send payment to prevent cancellation?

A. If enough coverage has been purchased by prior payments, additional payment may not be necessary. Please discuss this with your agent or call us directly. 

Q. I want to cancel my policy. Should I just ignore my bill?

A. No. You could be held responsible for payment of premium for coverage provided until we cancel for non-payment of premium. It is best to contact your agent for proper forms of cancellation.

Q. I am due a refund. When will I receive it?

A. Refunds are processed weekly. They are issued payable to the policyholder and mailed direct by the company. They may be held briefly subject to the collection of funds from recent payments received by the company.