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Officers and Directors

Sterling Insurance Company - Officers

Stephen A. Harris, CPCU -  President & CEO
Christopher F. Schline, CPCU, CIC -  Senior Vice President, Insurance Operations
Janette F. Rosscoe, CPCU, CIC – Senior Vice President, Underwriting
Lefteri T. Tsamis  - Senior Vice President, IT
Michael B. Downie  - Vice President, Claims
Christopher R. Stauble, CPCU, CIC – Vice President, Agencies
Lori Brown, CPCU, CIC – Assistant Vice President, Commercial Lines Underwriting
Elaine M. Bortell, CPCU, CIC – Assistant Vice President, Personal Lines Underwriting
Brian M. Hayes, CPCU, ACI – Assistant Vice President, Claims
Todd M. Kedik, CPCU, AIAF -  Controller / Assistant Vice President, Accounting
Melissa A. Morlang, CPCU, CPA -  Assistant Vice President, Accounting
Catherine R. McArdle, CPCU, CIC, AINS – Assistant Vice President, Director of Marketing
Jeffrey A. Johnson, CPCU, API, AINS– Assistant Vice President, Marketing
Nino Cogliandro, CPCU, ARe, AIC, AFIS - Director of Product Development
Henry Lamont - Vice President
Frederick J. Lindsay  - Treasurer
Patricia  A. MacNeil – Secretary

Sterling Insurance Company - Directors

Stephen A. Harris, CPCU
Henry Lamont
Henry Lee, Director Emeritus
Frederick J. Lindsay
Patricia A. MacNeil
Daniel B. Schulte
Donald R. Whiting, CPCU
Brian A. Kaiser
Paula D. Wissenbach
Howard J. Rickard, Jr.